Steel Off-Road Frames

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Boggie Jerk

29er Hardtail Enduro
Perfect for Racing
Great corner carving on descents
Climb Friendly
For a 140mm or 160mm suspension fork
Lighter than the average industry frame


Full Rigid MTB for Divide Races
Ride long distances on all types of terrain
Single-Speed Ready
Comfortable upright riding position
Mount up to 2.4 tires
Designed to equally distribute weight
Lighter than the average industry frame


Versatile XCO
2-in-1 tire choice: 29er, 29er plus, 27.5” plus
An all-around reliable bike
For fun and comfortable rides
Lighter than the average industry frame


29er Hardcore Hardtail Trail Bike
The evolution of an old school front suspended mtb
Good balance between agility and stability
Perfect for marathon rides
Tire clearance up to 2.4”
Lighter than the average industry frame


Fat bike for exploring the great outdoors
No type of terrain is an obstacle
Mount up to 5.1 tires
load capacity

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