Prof Bice – Bicycle Workshops at Milano Bike City and Accademia Nazionale MTB

Bice Bicycles holds framebuilding workshops at Milano Bike City and the Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike teaching the basics of how to design and weld bicycle frames.

Pirazzoli does Tuscany Trail 2018

The story of a short but intense adventure! Andrea Pirazzoli (@fagia118) is a Bice Bicycles ambassador, a 360-degree cyclist, and all-around hilarious and wonderful person. This year he participated in the 2018 edition of the Tuscany Trail, an unsupported bikepacking...

INTERVIEW: Rodney wins Bikingman Oman on a Bice Bicycle

A story of hardtek, hallucinations, riding with a flat and half-naked cyclist Rodney Soncco won the 1st stage of BikingMAN Challenge 2017 in Oman 1066km in 46 hours (total ride time 43h00m07s). On a Bice bicycle created specifically for Rodney's hard pushing pedalling...

Hi, I'm Dario

I make custom-made steel bicycles in my workshop in the north of Italy. I’ve been riding since I was a child and welding frames since 2011. Making custom steel bicycle frames is my way of being happy. Riding my bike and participating in fun races gives me good vibes.

How To Order

The key feature of my work is the tremendous range of possibilities when it comes to personalizing your ideal bicycle. From the type of welding, to the choice of lightweight steel tubing, to an in-depth study of your personal needs, each frame is made just for you.

Custom Paint

Each Bice Bicycles frame model has a standard paint-scheme, the price of which is included in the purchase of each frameset. However, if you are interested in something unique, I also offer the possibility of creating a custom paint-scheme design for your frame.