Hi, I'm Dario

I do not consider myself different from anyone else in the world. I try to be happy doing things that make me happy. Making custom steel bicycle frames is my way of being happy. Riding my bike and participating in fun races gives me good vibes.

The Start of Bice Bicycles

I am a self-taught framebuilder.

In the summer of 2011, thanks to a romantic misfortune (ah…Le Donne), I set off on a solitary bikepacking trip that took me to Rome and back; 2072.7 km that changed my way of looking at the world.

In Rome, I met the guys from the Associazione Ex-Lavanderia, where still today they hold courses to learn how to braze weld. Unfortunately, the night we met the oxygen tank quickly emptied and we were forced to console each other with a bottle of wine.

When I returned home from my bike trip, I started to build my workshop and began to weld steel bicycle frames. In a way, it is a shame that I did not have the opportunity to study under a Maestro, but at the same time, it allowed me to study many different methods, techniques, and philosophies when it comes to frame building.

I’ve had so many different teachers, some who’ve devoted a few hours, some entire days, others whole weeks; starting with Mattia (Legor), Dario Pegoretti, Gianni Gilardi and Preda, Stucchi and Perego (who have worked for their own brands, as well as for Ernesto Colnago).


I personally design and weld each and every custom frame.


If I’m not welding I’m probably riding my bike.


I’ve been honing, experimenting and testing since 2011.

Who is Bice Bicycles

Hello, I’m Dario Colombo. I started pedaling when I was five years old: a Yellow, 16″ fixed gear bike. I fell off nearly instantly, skinned my knee and began to cry.

In 2007, I went on a bicycle trip to Provence with 8 friends. Since then, I have loved traveling by bicycle. When I returned from my bike trip, I decided to resign from my consulting position in the Siemens R&D department and continue my studies in Environmental Engineering.

For my thesis, I developed a mathematical model to calculate road and infrastructure compatibility for cyclists in the City of Milan. While studying for my degree, I also became a municipal councilor in my town, Verderio, and was elected President of the Urban and Environmental Commission.

I have worked as a researcher at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan following projects which focused on health and wellbeing through sport, collaborating with the Department of Sports Medicine (specifically the sports and biomechanical lab).

I also worked as a high school teacher, teaching sustainability and mobility in cities, as well as helping to set up bike workshops within public schools. I love looking back at my students, and it makes me happy to think that my future will also be in their hands.

While honing my craft, I have become more and more involved in the cycling community, helping to open cycling co-ops in train stations from Milan to Lecco, designing and creating an automated bicycle access system, and have always gotten my hands dirty as a bike mechanic.

Contact me

Contact Info

BiceBicycles di Dario Colombo
V.A.T. No: 03645090139
Via Cesare Battisti, 19
Verderio, LC, Italy

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+39 333 672 7966