How To Order

The key feature of my work is the tremendous range of possibilities when it comes to personalizing your ideal bicycle. From the type of welds (TIG, fillet-brazing, lugged brazing) to the choice of lightweight steel tubing, to an in-depth study of your personal needs, each frame is made just for you.

The Ordering Process


decide what frame you want

Narrow down exactly what type of bicycle frame is right for you. Feel free to email me with any questions. Once you’ve decided what type of frame and fork you would like to order, the design process can begin!


biomechanical data

To ensure the right measurements, you can have a biomechanical evaluation with any professional of your choosing. You are also welcome to come to my workshop in Verderio, Italy and we can do a bike fitting together. Once I have received your measurements, and you have placed your deposit, I will begin designing your frame.


tweak or approve the design

I will send you a frame design after analyzing the measurements and info you’ve provided. In this part of the process, any aspect of the frame can be tweaked and re-designed. Along with the finished frame, I will also provide you with a detailed technical bike frame drawing to keep on file, as well as all the characteristics of all the parts that will ensure a great ride.

Parts & Materials


The steel tubes I use to build my frames are supplied by Columbus, Tange, and Dedacciai. In my experience, tube-sets don’t always have all the exact characteristics that I or my clients are looking for. Consequently, I prefer to use tubes based on their specific characteristics, despite what some purists might think about mixing brands. Moreover, some of the tubes that I use to build my frames are custom and have been created based on my specific design requests.

Fork Options & Chris King Headsets

I have decided to source forks, headsets, and parts from the best suppliers available on the market today. Each Bice Bicycles frame comes with a Chris King headset included in the price of the frame. Road and X-Road models also include a choice of forks from brands such as Enve, Columbus, Pegoretti, Ritchey, and 3T. I also source components and parts from Cane Creek, Hope, and Whisky Parts.

Dropouts & Braze-ons

Most of the braze-ons and dropouts that I use for my frames have been designed by me are either laser cut or CNC machined. Where I haven’t been able to afford this process (it’s freaking expensive, my friends), I have used top-quality suppliers such as Paragon Machine Works.

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