Andrea Pirazzoli is cyclocross singlespeed world champion with Bice

Andrea Pirazzoli is the new cyclocross singlespeed world champion with a Bice frame!

On 2-3 Dec in Verona we played #sscxwc so-called Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship.

A big party with old and new friends from all over the world!

And so what’s happened? qualifies on Saturday morning, party on Saturday night and main race on Sunday.

This so strange, fun and really hard race came out with Adrea Pirazzoli (also known as Fagia118) World Champion with his CroceEvo frameset with 3T lutheusII fork!

And his girlfriend Bocchini Anya get a 2nd woman with her Croce frameset with 3T lutheusII fork! Chapeau to Megan Chinburg singlespeed world champion for women!

regarding me: I spent all of my energy on party nite before, so look at my green dress and do not say words. the same for Robbert (NL) and Tommy(ITA). special mention for Marco who after his night shift at work raced with us with no rest at all!

SSCXWCITA17 IN VERONA from Martino Vincenzi on Vimeo.

So glad of racers and sscxwcita2017 organizers for the amazing weekend!

So glad of Andrea and Anya that every time prove that my frames go fast at cx and sscx races!

all photos here are from Emanuele Barbaro!

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Some photos:

Bruno Giustacchini