Corona days been a blaze lately. Working like a foo doing lots of long days. Was able to get up to Santa Fe but the trains are shut down so needed to drive up and down… The bike is fun dude! I need to get someone who is good at taking pictures to help me out, haven’t had too many riding partners lately and the one I do have ain’t that great at taking photos…I’ll work on getting more, try to do a photo shoot with Kiran soon. Here’s a little verbiage for the bike;
At the risk of sounding simple, I just like to ride bikes and go fast! I’ve been riding bikes all my life, riding hard, and riding far. I’ve never been one to study too hard into numbers and geometry, what I’ve always been more concerned with was how hard I could ride the bike and for how long could I ride the bike. I rode the same steel single speed mountain bike for 9 years strait before getting another bike! 
Upon first glance the BICE Wandarin is a beautiful bike, everywhere I rode the bike turned heads and sparked conversation. Beyond the flashy paint job and the smooth curves the bike can ride! On my debut ride I raced along a paved bike path, the bike felt snappy like a road bike despite the 29x2.2 tires humming along the asphalt, turning the bike from the paved trail to the twisty single track that runs along side the river is when the bike really started to shine. In the drops the bike carved back and forth, sliding into corners and snapping out like a rally car. Responsive like a XC mountain bike with the playfulness of a BMX, the Wandarin was taking everything I was giving it. On a second ride I took the bike on a legendary loop in my city, 85 miles with 6,500ft of climbing. After hours in the seat I was still confident that with this bike I could go for several more hours, or another day of several more hours.
When I first rode the Wandarin I struggled to understand what exactly it was meant for. Looked like a gravel bike but with 2.2 tire clearance it signaled for more. After two weeks on the bike I finally understood; this bike is meant for FUN. It’s the bike you can rip down flowing XC trail, race down rugged two track road, or pound the pavement on. A bike for long days or for snappy races, its a bike for fun. Its build opens endless possibilities from turning a daily commute into a mini epic or bike packing for days at a time. Whatever kind of bike related fun you’re looking to have the Wandarin is there for you!

Take your time and follow this link to read the complete review by John Prolly, The Radavist!

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