Roma World Tour

Touring, Commuting and Bikepacking Bicycle Frame

The Roma model will take you to remote places and always get you home.

No Muss, No Fuss

The Bice Bicycles Roma model is a custom-made steel bicycle frame designed for touring, long-distance cycling, bikepacking and commuting. The Roma model will take you to remote places and always get you home. The frame is designed for standard equipment with a 1 1/8″ steerer tube and 700c quick-release tires ensuring you’ll be able to find replacement parts even in remote locations.

The Roma touring/bikepacking frame allows you to bring all your bikepacking essentials with you, after all your bicycle is not only your trusted steed but also your portable home. It is also a great companion for commuting, with great power transfer thanks to specially designed and developed Bice Bicycle chainstays. A carefully studied geometry ensures a balanced weight distribution no matter how much weight you are carrying.

Like the Inglese model, the Roma frame is intended to be durable and trusted travel companion. With a resistant paint finish to help protect the frame, and adjustable rocker dropouts which allow for longer chainstays creating more stability. Adjustable rocker dropouts also come in handy should you ever be in the unfortunate position of finding yourself with a broken rear derailleur. A quick adjustment will ensure that you can still ride to your next destination.

Each Roma frame is custom-made to your specifications and intended use, and consequently is entirely adaptable (within reason, eh!). For example, the position and number of water bottle cage mounts, bosses for panniers, or a bikepacking carbon fork.

Roma World Tour Bike Specs
TubingA mix of Columbus and Dedacciai tubing
Headtube1-1/8" or 44mm
DroupoutsSliding or Vertical
BrakesDisk or Cantilever
Cable RoutingExternal Cable Routing
Seatpost Diameter27.2mm
Max Tire Clearance700x42
Chainstay Length435mm to 450mm
Crankset Compatibilitycx/mtb crankset - 1x11 2x11 3x11
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What is Bike Touring?

Bike Touring is you and your bicycle, on the road with everything you need to survive in your panniers. An important thing to consider while travelling is the availability of bike parts. Should you happen to have a mechanical issue, you want to be sure to be able to repair or find a replacement part quickly and easily. The Inglese is designed for the most common industry standard components in order to ensure that you will be able to get back on the road asap.

What is Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is stripping down to the bare minimum, forgetting the unnecessary and riding fast. Everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the road, gravel or trails.

What is Commuting?

A good way to go to work is without using a car. A great way to go to work is by bike. The best way to go to work is with your own bike tailor made on suit your needs.


Bice Bicycles produces handcrafted custom-made steel bicycles in Italy. Each handcrafted bicycle is tailored for the individual cyclist’s needs, measurements and intended use; be it bikepacking, mtb, touring, gravel, or road cycling.

All bicycle frames are Handmade in Italy by Dario Colombo.